Friday, November 4, 2011

Show Me Your Craft Room Blog Hop Nov. 5th!!!!!

Good Morning, afternoon and evening!!!! Welcome to Show Me Your Craft Room Blog Hop created by Susan at This was a great idea for her first blog hop! Welcome to my craft room and I do hope you like it. It's not my dream room yet but it has come a long way from what it was. There is still so much I want to do. I would be glad to take some suggestions too. Happy Hopping with all of us and hope you like all of our rooms!!!

My newest addition: Cricut Imagine

Old Faithful: Cricut Expression

My handy must have on my desk items.

Wood stamps of all kinds and cute storage box from Container Store

8 1/2 X 11 cardstock in my magazine holders from Container Store

My favorite Cuttlebug and my embossing folders

My Stampin Up Stamps

Misc. clear stamps and I LOVE them all!!!!

All my Stickles, Martha Stewart glitter and flock in my favorite blue box

My Ikea Shelf on my back wall

My new free desk thanks to my Mama. I got the black crates at Wal-Mart for $1 each. They are holding my cartridge for now.

Just the side view, the other side is a closet.

My block letters that I covered in paper. I want to decorate it more but not sure what else to do with it yet. Would LOVE suggestions.

My new ribbon holder that I got on ebay for $10. I still want to paint it and get it hung up on the wall the right way.

Just my desk again with my new chair my hubby bought me. Notice the pink mat. I got it at the Scrapbook convention in June for $3. It SHOCKED my friend Sandee and my sister in law Mandy because it was pink. lol. My least favorite color. Why can't more scrapbook things be BLUE. Oh well.


  1. Super fun space!

  2. You are very organized :) love your space

  3. Great space!!! THanks for the peek!

  4. So cute!! I have those little black crates, too!! (some of mine are red, though..haha)

  5. Love your very neatly organized spaces Jamie! Great job.
    Diana B.

  6. awesome crafting space!!

  7. Cute room, great job. TFS


  8. So nice and organized!

  9. nicely done! clean and neat my kind of room!

  10. Love these leaves that float down on this page!!! You have a beautiful calming room to create in! Nice momma you have to buy that sweet desk table for you:D I love the Ikea shelf unit! You have lots of space to grow in as well! TFS

    ~Vanessa W

  11. Jamie...
    What a great room my friend. You are so organized. Thank you for being in my first hop.

  12. What a great space and so organized!

  13. You have a great space and I am going to scrap lift your idea for the Cricut cartridges. I love how you used the black crates!! The ribbon holder is handy and I will have to search ebay for one. TFS

    plese.cathy@yahoo dot com

  14. Great craftroom! I got a imagine,Too.Love it.I am a follower,joydee1963 at yahoo dot com

  15. great room I agree that more crafting supplies need to be in blue.

  16. WOW you are certainly putting together a great craft room. I wish Cricut would come out with some type of cart holder for the wall but your idea of black crates works! follower,
    Creative wishes,

  17. nice space, I love the boxes with the carts in them great idea, nice big work area you have too, wow, great room

  18. Love your room Jaime. You have some really cool elements. I love the ribbon holder find. For your letters, do you have a favorite flower or animal that you could place on the letter? My swap group altered letters this month and they are gorgeous. I'll probably share pics on my blog later. TFS.


  19. Looks cool i.think your cool.too do you think Im cool

  20. Great room! You don't like pink? omgoodness!!! lol! Thanks so much for sharing your terrific psace with all of us!

  21. I like the ribbon holder and the black crates from WalMart
    Nicely done
    I am a follower

  22. Great storage solutions. So organized!

  23. I love those magazines containers, alo that sweet pink cutting mat, thanks for sharing!!!!

  24. Great space! Thanks for sharing!

  25. I love your Ikea shelves!! I think that could work for me since my space is small. I wish I could find those crates at the same price at my Walmart, maybe I could check better. I haven't been to the container store, I would love to I have a thing for containers :) TFS!! Take Care!!
    Jennie @

  26. Wow what a lovely craft room!
    Blessings Bernie

  27. the room looks great! :) i really need to create a space for my stuff! :)
    good idea on the magazine holders for the 8.5 x 11 papers...!

  28. Love your crafting space! I am going to come over and paint it pink while you are sleeping! LOL. Good idea on the magazine holder idea!

    Holly Dixon

    hollyshobbie at gmail dot com

  29. Lovely room!!!! I'd decorate your wood JME with rolled flowers, but that's me, live from the Jungle!


    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  30. This room is great, you are very well organized, tfs Kim (

  31. I like blue too! I love your space...finish those letters with some bling! ;) Paper flowers?

  32. Great space!! I am still working on getting a craft room so stay tuned....


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