Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Penguin Jump Rope card

I colored this stamp with my new Copic markers. I only have a few of them right now. I TOTALLY understand why they cost so much. These markers are so wonderful. I have no idea how I will teach myself on blending different colors together, but I will get there one day. I put glossy accents on the light bulbs and glam rocks on the hats and I flocked the hats also. I really like this ribbon I picked up from Michael's; however, making the bow took me forever. I think I got it after the 5th time. Crazy bow! The best part was just coloring these guys. Hope you like!



  1. very cute card I love the colors, I know I love Copic markers but I only get them with a coupon at Hobby lobby lol

  2. Beautiful! I love the penguins and the glossy lights!


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