Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine sweets

I wanted to make a cute and easy little sweet for my co-workers. I had these foam hearts and decided to use them instead of paper and used my exacto knife to cut 2 slits on the hearts and i just slid the suckers in. I will put them on everyones desk tomorrow before they get in. That is as mushy as i can be at work. Lol
This little craft would be perfect for school and/or a last minute gift idea. Hope you all have a crafty Monday. I will be back tomorrow with my 2012 DT's post for Valentines and i have blog candy i am giving away!!!! Yay!!!


  1. How cute. I am jealous that you have a working environment like that. I am on a team of all men so if i did that they would look at me cross eyed.


  2. Well we have a few guys and o told them its love and if they dont like they can give to their spouses or kids. Lol


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